Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Superbowl /Football Challenge

Thank you to all the participants from last week's challenge and all the new visitors to our blog.  The winner randomly chosen is

post # 14 : Keisha ... please send me an email with your address to nilda@thecuttlebugspot.com to claim your fabulous prize.

***********************this weeks challenge******************

This week we are celebrating Football with some Superbowl creations. Please leave a comment to win this week's prize... its  4 alterable items:  2 mailboxes, 1 wood picture frame, and a chipboard book.  This should also be a hint of things to come here on our blog.

*********Design Team Creations *********







JPScraps said...

Really cute projects!

Jill W. said...

Love the alterable items.
Would love to know which cart. had the saint's logo.

~KarenJG~ said...

Very Creative! Thanks for the inspiration!

Donna VW said...

Fun stuff!

Teresa(partyoffive) said...

Great projects...looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

those football invites are cool! I do not like football but they are really neat!

Brenda said...

Wow, cute projects. I love them all.


SandraCoe said...

All the football stuff is wonderful! I would love to win those mailboxes, haven't been able to find any around here.

Bugeyes said...

cute creative projects, ladies


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Blog Cutting Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: [26 Jan 02:00pm GMT]).

SuziQ said...

Love them all! I especially want to lift Jen's tray idea...so cute!

ashjoy said...

Ahhh....the super bowl, a great excuse for the girls to get together to scrap. LOL I don't do football, but I do like the excuse to have a party!

Jenny said...

Wow these project are awesome. Great ideas ladies. TFS.



Dawn said...

I'm bad. cute project, but i must say i have no idea who is playing this year. GO Team lol

Judy said...

very cute projects!

Kim. said...

Wow some really great ideas here, love them all.
Kim xXx

laneyhollo said...

Really cute projects I especially like Marci's Football field. GOOOO SAINTS!

Jen425 said...

Awesome projects! The invites are so cute, but I love the cookie sheet football field! Thanks for the inspiration!


Bonita said...

Are you ready for some football? All of you are with your neat projects. TFS. Hope I win as I need to branch out of just card- making

Treasa said...

OMGoodness....what cute projects!!! Who knew that football could be the inspiration for really cute things.

Jenny said...

Great Projects! They even got my husband over to look!!!! (that is impressive!) Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Lesley F said...

Cute projects! Can't wait for the big game.

Marey said...

Great projects!!

IRW Dana said...

Would love to see more of the things everyone comes up with using these items. Thanks for the inspiration.

scraphappyana said...

Very creative ideas, awaiting the games.

Bobbi said...

These are really cute. TFS

SherriC. said...

Great project, my hubbie is not into Football, I wish he was just so I could lift some of these....LOL

Gloria Westerman said...

My DH would love these cards....he loves both of the teams and of course I'm for the colts....would love to win these prizes...I want to make a chipboard book......so thanks for the chance......

Anonymous said...

Cool! I would love to win! Thanks.

IRW Dana said...

So many wonderful ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...


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PinkPug,INK. said...

So many possibilities!

Sabrena said...

okay...I have no target or other crafty stores near me-save walmart(and it's not that crafty) so maybe I could win just on sheer pity?? I am with so many others...have no idea who is playing...

Corliss McBride said...

The invitations are fantastic and I love the way the teams are lifted up. All I can say is go saints.

cdaily28 said...

Wonderful projects as always ladies!TFS!

moknowsall said...

I love football and the cards and items are fantastic. Just found your blog --- where have I been?

do you take links to your "followers" projects?


Veronica said...

These are great projects. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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beadz said...

Cute cards!

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